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Farewell to Paradise

On Tuesday we sailed to Coccos Banderos, the furthest west of the island groups and our last settled mooring. Yet again we were met with electrifying blue seas which you simply can't believe are real. Lots of coral reefs provided great snorkelling and there were no shortage of sting ray and starfish sightings.

The Oyster boats on the round the World Rally are beginning to amass in numbers now before the Panama Canal crossing so everyone has been taking the opportunity to get to know each other. On Wednesday Liam invited one couple over for drinks but in true Liam style, the boat was soon teeming with their fellow adventurers and the G&Ts were flowing freely! Fascinating group of people. Highly successful through their own ingenuity and endeavour, taking time out to live the dream.

And what a dream it is! Mags, Aideen and myself are only getting a glimpse into what the year ahead holds for Ruth & Liam. And thankfully, due to our lack of sailing ability, we're getting the 5 star treatment, none of the challenges of long passage sailing for us! Our 10 hour sail to Shelter Bay tomorrow will be testing enough!

What's amazing is that Liam & Ruth can sail this magnificent boat for 10 hours on their own. It is an extraordinary example of design and engineering genius. The thought that has gone into every aspect of this boat astounds me, from the elegance of its looks to the precision of its engineering, from the ingenuity of its storage to the luxury of its living space, every aspect is perfectly thought through and it will be a fitting second home for the Shanahan family for years to come as they sail the world's oceans and explore places that only a boat can get to. 

That was the romantic notion I always held of sailing, being able to see parts of the world only accessible by boat. And this trip has proved that to be true. We have had the extraordinary privilege of seeing a remarkable part of the world and a unique culture that can only be accessed by boat. This trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it has over delivered in every aspect. We have eaten (and drunk) like kings and the company, particularly after two years of Covid isolation, has been a joy. All in all a life enhancing experience and an absolute honour to have shared, if briefly, in Ruth & Liam's odyssey!