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Sailing, Snorkling and Socialising.

Saturday 29th January 2022
Each morning starts with a magnificent breakfast created by Caron. We sailed for almost 3 hours through aqua blue waters and panoramic island views arriving at the Cayos Hollandeses islands which are renowned for snorkelling.
Wasting no time after a seamless anchorage, we swam a few laps of the boat before landing on the nearest island (known as bug island), a walk along the golden sandy beach and yet another swim. Lovely to see a few more Oysters who are taking part in the rally arriving at the same spot.

Sunday 30th January 2022
We started our day snorkelling on the nearby reef, enjoying amazing seallife and experimenting with our new underwater camera which may or may not have succeeded. Then off to BBQ island for a long swim. In her hammock, Caron get the best seat on the island. We had the island to ourselves for the first hour before two boats arrived spilling out about twenty people and spoiling our desert island solitude.

Later that evening it was back to 'bug island' (with no sign of the bugs) for a mid afternoon drinks party with some of the Oysters - great fun meeting some fellow sailors.

 Monday 31st January 2022
 Us ladies took off for a trail run around the island and giving Liam a well earned rest from his all female crew !!! Needless to say, we split into 2 running groups to accommodate different distances and speeds. Great to get to stretch our legs. Then another lazy afternoon reading and chilling.