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Who wants to be your next watchleader

Dear diary,

The race for Ruth 2's next watchleader is really starting to heat up. The two contestants, John Cooney and Ruth Shanahan are vying for that last remaining spot with the ultimate prize on the line - One way ticket on the round the world trip! John has taken an early lead using tactics as old as time such as presenteeism and lick-arsery. However, John still doesn't really seem to understand what he's meant to be watching while "on watch" (See photo). The bookies still have Ruth as odds on favourite...

Today went a little bit on the slow side. I finally made it on deck for a sunrise - no thanks to the roster (thanks Tom). Jobs before lunch began and ended with laundry - and that was the day. Steady 20-30 knots behind us from a slightly more desired direction allowing us racking up some decent miles towards whichever bar is closest to the marina in Rodney Bay

Yesterday there was some murmurings of wishing the trip away. First meal back, first cocktail etc etc. A bigger focus of living in the moment will take hold for the next few days. Me personally, I lived in the moment by taking a 2 hour nap after lunch. 'twas bliss

All the best, lots of love,


  1. Forget bookies, polls, quotas. Only one choice Ruth Shanahan for OVERALL watch leader
    and John Cooney wasted in business class, an outstanding racing bowman, legend in NYC


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