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No need for the Sushi kit anyway ! !

With only 450 miles to go excitement is building on the boat as we turn our heads to the spring clean ! We are now at sea for 15 days had time today to reflect t on the trip so far (whilst sunbathing off watch ! ) Liam had told me food becomes so important and never a truer word ! This was an area that I knew I could help in the preparation and try and take some of the load off him and of course under his careful guidance I am happy to say I think we got the provisioning spot on . The only thing we forgot so far was the Sushi kit and as we have yet to land a tuna despite Chris's best efforts( he has lost 2 giant blue Marlin so far ) . Otherwise fresh food has lasted so well . We have all become addicted to white and red cabbage we may never return to common lettuce! Even our soft drinks lasted, rationing to one a day seemed slightly mean but it still meant we needed to stow 120 cans in the bilges . We have had delicious homemade white and brown bread made daily and endless fruitcakes from various sources even homemade banana bread !Our pre prepared evening meals cooked in Lanzarote were a godsend and I think I can safely say I have mastered getting the dinner from oven to plate in 3.5m seas without any major injuries and I will never laugh at Liams industrial oven gloves again . Those of you who know me well had been very concerned about how I would manage without my obsessive daily exercise . Rest assured I have developed a wonderful strength/conditioning Sportsmed routine which can be done in my cabin - Kieran would be proud ! Other leisure time has been taken up with lots of reading ! Best so far is "Still Life "recommended by Frances and a really wonderful novel and 4 of us have read it so far . On the sailing front I have learnt plenty and am quietly confident of promotion to watch leader sometime in 2022! So any hardships ? For me I was dreading being out of communication with family and friends and that has been very hard but was softened by the odd satellite call to the kids. It helps to be married to the skipper ! As this may be my last post for a while just want to say that I am well aware how privileged we are to have stolen this adventure with difficult enough Covid times at home . Thanks to all the crew for their wonderful company - I couldn't have asked for better and of course to our skipper who had worked so hard in the meticulous preparation and throughout the trip to make it the very special adventure that it was for us all.
Roll on Rodney Bay !!



  1. Great post mum, enjoy the last few days!

  2. Ruth, delighted to see none of your crew are fading away. Greet nod for the cooking!

  3. You are all looking so happy and healthy, loving all the selfies Dad! Safe sailing the rest of the way xx

    1. I think your dad wins the award for "strongest selfie game"

  4. Super post Ruth, well done to all of you. Looking forward to hearing all the tales!

  5. Congratulations Ruth II crew! Epic voyage of a lifetime. We look forward to to hearing all the tales of the high seas! Enjoy Santa Lucia!

  6. Thanks Ruth and Liam for sharing! Looks like bliss and such a great adventure!
    Enjoy the final stretch and see you before Christmas!

    Sinead and all the Woodbine girls! :)


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