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So, apparently it's Friday. I can tell you time is a challenge but more of that later. Big in news today was a gybe - aiming to head in a more southerly direction. The downwinds continue at about 20-25knots with occasional squalls. Current record is 38 knots the other night. Nights are great hurtling along with the wind and waves into the blackness. Very little moon light now as it wanes.

Keeping time important for knowing when your watch is scheduled but otherwise its really only the night/day cycle that's important in living here. We reset 'boat time' by an hour today so officially we are now two hours behind Universal Time or GMT. (St Lucia is 4 hours behind GMT). Resetting time can be tricky as we have to agree what time to do it at - never mind what time we will have the meeting to discuss it!

The days are very chill. Sails set and trimmed, we have a rolling breakfast depending on when your watch (or watches, Chris) was overnight. Clean the boat, meals, fishing (another one got away today), reading and plenty of chat and banter. Steel bands and rum punches being mentioned now but no one wants to wish it over 'cause we are in an extra-ordinary experience. Lovin'it




  1. looks and sounds like a love- island cruise


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