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Batten down the hatches

After our goodbye breakfast with the Kneafseys who are staying on for a while, we left St Lucia for Martinique this am. We rounded the top of Pigeon Island and headed straight into large waves and 27 knots of wind. This time we were on a close reach rather than our usual downwind sailing during the Arc so had dramatic waves coming over the boat, through the Bimini, and giving all the crew a refreshing shower! A bit of water splashing below decks so we had to close the hatch for the FIRST TIME on Ruth II!! It was a beautiful sail over. Following us were some sea gannets which quickly grew in number and soon we had up to 20 of them dive bombing around us to catch the flying fish that were jumping away from the boat. Amazing to watch them torpedo into the water and occasionally come up with a fish in
their beak. Chasing a boat gives them easy pickings. Next we had a pod of dolphins jumping clear out of the water beside us! Waves and wind settled as we approached Martinique - a beautiful hilly green island which is a French department. Looking forward to a coffee and croissant for breakfast.  It was so exciting to be back on the boat again - last sleep over tonight. Flying home tomorrow so sadly this wonderful adventure that Ruth and Liam planned for us all has to come to an end but we are all looking forward to seeing our family and friends. Time away from everything for a few weeks makes you appreciate what is important in your life!