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The Day Formally Known as Day Four

Dear Diary,

The day broke with a whirlwind 15 degree alteration in course to pass some traffic port to port. Excite!

Skip deployed the new tradewind sail just before dawn - a race/rally/passage/crew morale winning sail. The day then went as such;
Tradewind, back to main & genoa, one reef in, snooze, one reef out, tradewind up, dinner & a sundown cup of tea.

Fishing report for the day consisted of just a single bite but we cast again at dawn with a tuna in our sights...

As the days start to amalgamate we have decided to get pretty liberal with our previous conceptions of time. John has suggested we store up our 'Fridays' and 'Saturdays' for when we get to St Lucia. Our week now runs Sunday - Thursday. Thus giving us a straight run of Fridays & Saturdays for when we arrive.



  1. Sounds like a trip worthy of a sea shanty!

  2. nice heel angle, 26 degrees, getting closer to cape Verde, a la carte dining, lots of skippers, living the dream


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