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Settling into the Trades.

With almost one week into our trip, the trades have finally settled in, and us with them.
We are now entering the "middle days" phase - where the routine of life on board dominates, and everything slows down.
Brian though has been particularly busy - he is both our bread chef and communications officer, taking our daily SSB net call. He notes the position of all the other boats telling us who is where, and what winds people are experiencing . Our own strategy is to try to find a sweet spot between north and south where we can fly our new trade wind sail, but so far the winds have been too punchy. We are sailing wing on wing - and have just reefed in for the evening, losing a knot, but anticipating an extra five knots of breeze and another meter of seas overnight.

One of the pictures I attach is of sunset last night. It has all changed up a few gears weatherwise today - the trades are in , seas are building, wind is 18 - 20, and we are happily rocking and rolling our way to Saint Lucia !



  1. enjoy the experance . great photos brings back many memories. stay safe. fair winds. Nick, Rosie , Darcy.
    Surly a 1/2 way party ?


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