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Season 2 begins!

We are now one full week at sea and to steal Chris 's words, Blog Season 2 begins and my turn comes around again .Since last Sunday when we sailed over the line in 5 knots our Wind has gradually built to a steady 22kn and we have gone from flat calm to proper Mayo Surfing conditions ! The gradual increase in wind has suited us all and having ignored our lee cloths at the start we now jump in and pull tightly ! We have now sailed over 1200 miles and estimate that we might pass halfway tomorrow (will have to be extra creative with dinner ) The fleet has now really spread out although this afternoon we have been in contact with a Finish boat less than 15 miles away who called for a chat on the radio and as usual it got around to fishing and he offered his recipe for Microwaving Flying fish that land on deck !! I thought I'd share therefore some shots from dawn this am with Liam checking we are going fast enough and John inspecting a flying fish that landed overnight (but didn't end up in the microwave )
That's about it until I start Season 3 this time next week.................


  1. Can we get a confirmation of whether any fish were actually microwaved?


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