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Rockin' and Rollin' to the West

Ruth II and her crew are now really Rockin' and Rollin' to the West across the Atlantic as the strong Tradewinds have set in behind us! We've had winds of 20 - 27 knots (Force 5/6, occasionally 7) for the last few days mainly from the East with increasing sea swells of 2 - 3 meters with a rain squall last night. We're almost halfway across the Atlantic now with about 1,400 miles sailed and 1,534 miles to go to St. Lucia. Busy manoeuvres on deck at times such as when we gybe to change direction due to wind shifts requiring lots of co-ordinated teamwork in these windy conditions. Not conditions to go fishing, but lots of flying fish depositing themselves on the deck of Ruth II. Helen even managed to save one last night while on watch, returning it to the sea while it was still alive, despite the greasy scales! Still plenty of time to talk, read, sleep after night watches, for Liam to figure out how to work his new voice activated Go Pro, as well as chat to other ARC boats close by on the VHF radio. There are 3 other similar Oyster boats to Ruth II all within 20 miles of us, so it's good to have company nearby, even though we haven't actually seen another yacht for many days (we're not racing of course as it's a cruising rally!!).