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Halfway there!

Its now official - celebratory lunch with Panetone cake as we are halfway! Busy day all in all - rope masterclass with James for the B team and Squalls hitting up to 35 knots so lots of action. Food prep in the kitchen interesting - more of the flying rather than frying nature! Ruth suggesting a take away tonight ... Passed close to Ossiana another ARC boat today - lovely to see someone nearby. Hailed them on the radio and think the race is on
 Update on the Limericks

There was a young sailor named Chris
Who never gave an adventure a miss
So he decided to fish
BBQed us a Mahi- Mahi dish
And said boy this life is just bliss

Love to everyone



  1. All looking very good, particularly the ocean plait mat! Sail on!

  2. Our Chris who reads funny books
    Had never caught dinner with hooks
    Imagine his surprise
    When Mahi Mahi did rise
    One prize green fish for the cooks

    Love all the photos- James

  3. Loving all the updates folks, keep 'em coming! No sailing questions from me, I want to know how far through the apples and oranges have you gotten? !!

  4. Loving the updates, especially the Limericks Helen! Keep them coming please!


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