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Day 2: Little wind but great fishing!

Day 2 : Mon Nov 22 - Little wind but good fishing!
After a great firework display on Saturday night and a fantastic send -off of about 150 boats yesterday from Las Palmas, on-board life beginning to settle down on Ruth II. Little wind, but great sunshine and flat seas as we make our way south towards the Cape Verde Islands, where we are forecast to pick up some trade winds. Some pilot whales spotted off our starboard side this morning, sextant practice and instruction later on in the morning, but the real highpoint of the day was going fishing. Chris & Margaret decided to try out the (older) fishing rod this afternoon and Chris caught a beautiful
large Mahi Mahi, estimated 6-10kg. Chris reeled it in and James got it on board and then filleted the magnificent fish. Lasagne is cancelled for this evening and we're having fresh Mahi Mahi instead!



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