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Another Glorious Day!

Glorious day. Blue skies. Flat sea. Hardly a cloud in the sky. Meaning no wind. More like the Med than the Atlantic.
Cleaned the boat down early morning. Still no wind. Going nowhere slowly, so had a Pilates class on deck (sea-lates) followed by a swim! Third Atlantic swim. Trailing ropes to grab onto for safety. Such warm Atlantic water.
Haven't seen a boat for about 2 days now, but hearing chatter on the VHF
from other boats out of sight.
Saw dolphins on the port side. Then later hooked a marlin! At least human body size, 2m length, and minimum 50kg we reckoned. But some guessed 150kg, but you might not believe us. He broke the 100lb fishing line and escaped with the squid lure. Caught a small bonito later, which we dropped back.
Then to complete the fishy-fishy day, two sharks cruised by. Different fins, darker and shaped differently to the dolphins with a different movement through the water. Very pleased we hadn't known they were out there before the swim!
Light winds later so got sails up again in the afternoon. Nearly reached the trade-winds, butter nearly melting, so soon will be turning right.
Finally, special hugs to all the kids!



  1. Sounds great! Cold, wet and dark here on the Emerald Isle. You're not missing much (apart from the Late Late Toy Show!)


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