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Trade winds reached!

Hi all,
We have had a lovely two days and are now sailing with our trade wind twin skin sail in the sunshine off the coast of Spain!
We have been well fed with fresh pizzas from James G as well as sourdough and scrambled eggs from Liam.
We have had an amazing flurry of whales and dolphins, notably a small pod of
Orca whales yesterday passed at a distance; Tom and paddy even managed to almost hit a sleeping whale this morning.
We have now crossed Biscay with 4500meters depth at one point.
Last night was excellent, with clear skies and an extensive array of shooting stars, with Paddy and Kieran discussing the true purpose and definition of a nipple.
Today started with a boat wash, warmer air and a deep blue swim. A pleasant afternoon was had unpacking every rope possible to get up the "super simple" new sail up and full, followed by a celebratory beer and sandwiches thanks to James O'C.
Everyone is looking forward to a lovely few days downwind with hopefully a chance at a fish sometime in the near future.
Thanks from everyone.
Chat soon!


  1. Sounds fab guys delighted you have got that far ! Taking in garden furniture in Mayo ahead of gales !! Take loads of pics of new sail and happy fishing !!


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