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Rossaveel to North Biscay

Hi guys!
Today we started from Rossaveel with a strong 20 knots on the forward quarter! We had a lovely sail through Gregory Sound, which had considerable overfalls on the far side! Kieran started to feel slightly ill, so, unfortunately, he was bunk bound for some of the days. Liam's forecasted 3m swell was accurate, and we fetched at about 9 knots boat speed for the day, assisting with the engine when needed. From approximately 5 pm, our sailing angle grew more generous as we eased off and began to round the Blasket Islands surrounded by dolphins, with the sun on our backs. We are just about to eat our dinner of shepherd's pie and are looking forward to a hopefully pleasant night watch! 
Thanks from all the crew,
Tom, James, James, Kieran, Paddy and Liam


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