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Trade winds reached!

Hi all, We have had a lovely two days and are now sailing with our trade wind twin skin sail in the sunshine off the coast of Spain! We have been well fed with fresh pizzas from James G as well as sourdough and scrambled eggs from Liam. We have had an amazing flurry of whales and dolphins, notably a small pod of Orca whales yesterday passed at a distance; Tom and paddy even managed to almost hit a sleeping whale this morning. We have now crossed Biscay with 4500meters depth at one point. Last night was excellent, with clear skies and an extensive array of shooting stars, with Paddy and Kieran discussing the true purpose and definition of a nipple. Today started with a boat wash, warmer air and a deep blue swim. A pleasant afternoon was had unpacking every rope possible to get up the "super simple" new sail up and full, followed by a celebratory beer and sandwiches thanks to James O'C. Everyone is looking forward to a lovely few days downwind with hopefully a chance at a f

Update - 0800 10/08/2020

Hi All, We had a lovely day yesterday. The wind was at about 100 degrees to the boat allowing us to reach at around 9knots all day. We are making good ground with 197 nautical miles covered in the last 24 hours. Kieran has gotten his sea legs and was back up on deck which was great! We held our course a few degrees high of our bearing to the canaries, as today the wind has gone forward. We are still practising "sustainable fishing", which in short, means we have a small trawlers worth of fishing gear hanging from the stern, however, are yet to get a bite! We had several dolphin sightings, as well as a few evening whales. As far as rations, life is tough - Liam was forced to break out the bread maker, and we were forced eat lasagna and green salad for dinner - the sea-faring life is truly tough. The liquorice is being quickly consumed, the first fruitcake has already been devoured, and a sliver of two lemon cakes. Today the plan is to motor beat through Biscay, and hopefull

Rossaveel to North Biscay

Hi guys! Today we started from Rossaveel with a strong 20 knots on the forward quarter! We had a lovely sail through Gregory Sound, which had considerable overfalls on the far side! Kieran started to feel slightly ill, so, unfortunately, he was bunk bound for some of the days. Liam's forecasted 3m swell was accurate, and we fetched at about 9 knots boat speed for the day, assisting with the engine when needed. From approximately 5 pm, our sailing angle grew more generous as we eased off and began to round the Blasket Islands surrounded by dolphins, with the sun on our backs. We are just about to eat our dinner of shepherd's pie and are looking forward to a hopefully pleasant night watch!  Thanks from all the crew, Tom, James, James, Kieran, Paddy and Liam